Wilkinson WVPCSB Modern 6 Screw Type Guitar Bridge Gold Steel Block

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Spacing: 10.8 mm
A modern twist on the classic design. Ultra smooth under a player's hand, with a sleek, low-profile surround restricting the sideways movement of the saddles, the WVP range of vibratos is the ultimate in comfort and performance. Ideally suited to more contemporary guitar designs, this family of bridges looks far more expensive than it is.
Features include a stamped steel "heat hardened" top plate with 6-screw pivot mounting. Push-in arm and Wilkinson design "stagger-drilled" SOLID STEEL block for unrivaled tuning stability.

Package includes: Bridge x 1, Wrench x 1, Mounting Screw x 6, Whammy Bar x 1, Spring x 3, Claw x 1, Claw Screw x 2