Factory Second DIY Alder JB Bass Body Jet Black

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This body was parted out and has holes drilled for the bridge, pickguard, and shielding in the pickup routing. 


Body Wood: Alder
Weight: Approximately 6 lbs
Finish: Jet Black
Scale Length: 34"
Body Thickness: 42mm
Neck Pocket Size: 63.5mm W x 94.5mm L x 17.5mm D
Neck Mounting Holes: Drilled to American Standard specifications
Neck Pickup: 107.5 mm x 38mm x 19mm
Bridge Pickup: 95mm x 20mm x 18.5mm
This is a DIY project body. Specifications have a 1-2 mm tolerance. If you are intending to use this project with a specific build it is your responsibility to make sure your parts will work with this body before purchasing. These are not "plug-and-play" parts, they require an experienced luthier or builder's knowledge. If your parts do not fit, you can either source compatible parts or you can request a return but return shipping will be your responsibility if this is the reason. 
Send us a message before buying if you have any questions about compatible parts and we'll do all we can to assist.